1. Assessments
    Our clinic offers initial and on-going assessments and evaluations. The comprehensive assessment includes but is not limited to; indirect and direct observations, preference assessments and Functional Behavior Assessments.
  2. In-Home ABA
    Our In-Home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provides the opportunity for the clinical team of Behavior Interventionists & Clinical Directors to support the individual and family in their natural setting.
  3. In-Clinic Services
    Our In-Clinic services includes: Social Skills Group Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy
  4. Parent Training
    Parents and caregivers spend the most time with their child and it is important for parents/caregivers to have the necessary tools to feel empowered. Our training includes workshops, demonstrations and guided notes.
  5. Educational Services
    As a Non-Public Agency under the California Department of Education, we provide Educational Services that include: Behavior consultation with school personnel, behavior support plans, assistance in the IEP process and direct 1:1 classroom support.
    We offer supervision for those who are pursing certification as a BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT.